Release feedback

Earlier today (11/23/2021) we ran a promo to give users a chance to experience the RAS service at a cost of $1 per pick.

We released 606 UL Lafayette/Marshall Under 155 (-110). It closed at 152.

Below is the feedback that we collected—both good and bad.

We believe the feedback is a fair representation of the overall experience of a typical user. As we have stated many times in the past, this service isn't for everyone. Some bettors don't have the sufficient bankroll, time or outs to utilize a service like ours. However, those that do have overwhelmingly given positive feedback and have responded well to changes we've made to improve our product in recent years.

Got 155

Got them easily today, First one was even on Cell PHone

I got 154.5 (half point worse)

not bad got 154 1/2, thanks

Got the 155...saw (redacted) move it to 152 within seconds

yes able to get the line

Worked great. Was able to get line, still hasn't moved either.

oh wow, just moved 3 points. crazy!

got one point less. not bad. like the new system.

Got the cbb play at 155.5. Never paid for picks before but this is a great deal. Good luck and thanks

Feels so good getting U155

And it’s at 151.5 now

GOT it at 155 at 3 sites (redacted) and (redacted) at -115, (redacted) -110. My Local has dropped it to 151 already. Worked Great Thanks.

Only one word to describe the feeling after submitting u155 and refreshing the page to see total at 152. Beautiful

got the under 155 - thanks!

Can you give us another 15 or 20 seconds to get set up. Using my phone with the games takes a few seconds to find the game. I got this play in at 153.5 (1.5 pts worse)

Got a 154.5 and 156 at post. Thanks for the feast special

Got the release number. went fine. thanks!

Hi, I could not get the release number on the release. It jumped 2.5 points before I could get it.

got 155 -110 thanks!

I was able to get that one but at -115

Got the 155. Thanks!

got the number -107 at (redacted)

Keep up the great work guys!

I got 155.5 on the release. It was available for about 45 seconds at (redacted) before it moved. Thanks

I could not make that # down to 151, a no play by losing that much clv

Being put on timers and (redacted) is taking games down

So far been great, way better than past years

Got it. Thx!

Damn it is at 151 1/2

Got 155

First time using the service. I really like this method of releasing plays. I was able to get the number -112.

I was able to get the 155 at one book then when I tried a second it had already moved to 153. Thanks.

got release line @ (redacted) ... immediately moved to 152, then met resistance.

I got the under at 155

Was able to get it on (redacted). Thank you!

(redacted), play put in immediately. Took bet, then said line change, ended up with total at 154.5 with -121

I was able to get down at 155 at (redacted), used my free play after opening an account there over the weekend. Line down to 152 now.

I got the release line no problem.

I actually got 155 1/2 (at redacted)

thank you, worked very well. i got the line at under 155.5

Got it at 155.5 -115 on (redacted). Down to 152/152.5 seconds later. Thanks!

Got the release line -- thank you!

this is my first time and the functionality went well, but both books that I go through didn't have most totals out yet.

Got 154.5 thanks. Need to bring my laptop with work to me to make it quicker

RAS Team - I have been in the Slack for a while so familiar with the Set Up & Go system but this was my first time with the official service, easy to setup the play and was able to get the number no problem. Very impressed with the website/platform

The line was at 155 when I set up the bet but dropped to 152 when I placed it. 3 point decrease was immediate.

Got it,Thanks very much. GOt the release line as well. Appreciate it