Giving clients a clear edge is our passion.

Our success in doing so is second to none.
  • Most influential college football and college basketball handicapping group
  • Public win rate of nearly 56% on last 4,000 releases
  • Positive closing value on more than 92% of plays
  • Run by top pros, utilized by top pros

NFL Service

20-20 (-2.05u)

2022 Record

Service 17-18 | Free: 3-2

Verified by Betstamp.

30-24 (55.56%)

Last year

110-79 (58.20%)

Last 4 years

CFB Service

39-26-1 (+10.4u)

2022 Record

Service 35-22-1 | Free: 4-4

Verified by Betstamp.

34-19 (64.15%)

Last year

93-70 (57.06%)

Last 4 years

CBB Service

2022-23 season starts Nov. 8

177-127 (58.22%)

Last year

510-382 (57.17%)

Last 4 years

About us

Right Angle Sports (RAS) is a group of full-time handicappers that includes some of the most experienced and accomplished originators, modelers and researchers in the space. We are constantly in pursuit of finding value in the sports betting markets.

Information pro bettors use

Through prolific win rates and unprecedented line moves, RAS provides clients with nearly certain +EV on every release.

Run by pro bettors

RAS is a team of pro bettors and operates more like a betting group than a pick service.

The industry standard for 25 years

We continue to evolve, adapt, and improve. We are as successful today as we were 5, 10, and 20 years ago.