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Long-term results & market influence.

2016-2017 Archive  |  Five Year Breakdown

2016 Archive  |  Five Year Breakdown

RAS Results Since 2017
-1.1 units +40.45 units +9.50 units +22.40 units +7.45 units -8.15 units +8.70 units
2017 Football 2017 Basketball 2018 Football 2018 Basketball 2019 Football 2019 Basketball 2020 Football
82-75 139-89 47-34 104-74 54-42 35-39 32-21
(52.23%) (60.96%) (58.02%) (58.43%) (56.25%) (47.30%) (60.38%)
Overall Since 2017
493-374 56.86% +79.25u


Win percentage on college football totals since 2010
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Select and pay only for the type of plays you want, and when you want them. Choose from sides, totals, FCS plays, bowl games, and second half plays. Never pay for picks you don't want or can't use.


Every pick we release is displayed on our pick archive no later than 10 minutes after game start time for full transparency. Every result is graded against a widely available line at the time of release.



Market influence

Clients who place bets at our release line consistently get the best of the number. In the past two years, more than 91.6 percent of our plays have beaten the closing line. College basketball plays have beaten the close by an average of 2.17 points per pick and college football plays have beaten the closing line by an average 2.46 points.