Giving clients a clear edge is our passion.

Our success in doing so is second to none.
  • Most influential college football handicapping group
  • Public win rate of nearly 56% on last 4,000 releases
  • Positive closing value on more than 92% of plays
  • Run by top pros, utilized by top pros
Previous season records
30-24 (+4.5u)

2021 NFL - Final

34-19-1 (+13.1u)

2021 CFB - Final
Service: 26-16-1 · Free: 8-3

177-127-2 (+38.65u)

2021 CBB
CBB: 130-82 · CBB+: 14-15 · Free: 33-30

Information Pro Bettors Use

Through prolific win rates and unprecedented line moves, RAS provides clients with nearly certain +EV on every release.

Run By Pro Bettors

RAS is a team of pro bettors and operates more like a betting group than a pick service.

The industry standard for 25 years

We continue to evolve, adapt, and improve. We are as successful today as we were 5, 10, and 20 years ago.