Sportsbook Countermeasures

Due to the high win rates and significant line movement that the RAS service generates, you may run into problems at certain sportsbooks. You may be accused of "chasing steam" or being part of a "syndicate" and thus have limits reduced, be forced to wager on the phone, or have your account closed all together.

Here are some tips:

  1. Use multiple accounts. Not just the most popular sites like Bookmaker, Pinnacle, BetOnline, 5Dimes, etc. Look for less popular outs who will also have the lines up.
  2. Do not hit the same account with every release. If RAS is releasing five total plays, don’t give the same book every play. Ideally you would have five accounts for five plays, and place one bet at each account.
  3. Do not use the accounts only for playing RAS. Mix in other action. Bet NFL, NBA, MLB and other large market action for similar amounts that you are betting the RAS plays. If that is a problem, bet opposite sides of the same game at different accounts. For example, for a Lakers/Celtics game you can find Celtics -2.5 at one of your books and Lakers +3 at another. Bet them both. Yes, you are giving away some money in juice, but you are also looking more like a square bettor in the process. If you can find half point gaps or better in lines from one book to another, you won’t lose as much in juice because you will sometimes push and win, or even win both.
These steps will help you maintain accounts much longer than otherwise.

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