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2019 College Football Service

  |  2019 NFL Preseason Service

Service Duration

The service will run through Oct 12, 2019 (weeks 0-7 of CFB). The first possible release date is Aug. 19, 2019.

Play Volume

We will release at least 40 plays guaranteed (Approximately 20-25 2nd half plays and 15-20 full game or 1st half totals). We may sprinkle in a few full game or 1st half sides, but not many.

Release Method

All plays will be released in our chat room at to ensure an even playing field for all users.

Plays will not be sent via text message or e-mail. A mobile app is available for the chat room, but we recommend using a desktop/laptop for best results.

Full game and 1st half plays will be released using the "Set Up & Go" method. All second half releases will be official and can be acted on immediately upon receipt.

Release Times

Any time an FBS vs. FBS game goes to halftime, release of a second half play is possible. Other release times will depend on market conditions and flow of information. Full game sides (if any) could be released as early as Monday of game week. Full game totals could be released as early as Wednesday of game week. First half sides/totals could be released as early as day before game. We will communicate as much as possible about expected release plans for each week, but the potential for unplanned releases will always exist.

Release Warnings

All release warnings will be sent via e-mail and text message as directed by the user.

There will be a 3-5 minute warning before the release of any full game or 1st half play.

There will be a 1 to 2 minute warning before the release of any 2nd half play.

Prohibited Sportsbooks

Use of Bookmaker/CRIS, Pinnacle, and BetOnline, or any other affiliated skin that will cause line movement at those 3 sites is strictly prohibited. Users found to be in violation will be permanently removed from the service.

Refund Policy

If you determine for any reason that the service is not working for you at any time, you can cancel and request a refund for any unused portion, minus a 2-percent processing fee.


This service is targeted towards sophisticated and serious bettors. It should be expected that lines will move within seconds of each play being released. Proper bankroll size, available outs, time and skills are needed to be successful and justify the cost of the service.

Customer Service

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, comments or concerns at All inquiries will be answered promptly. After joining you can usually find a team member in the chat room to answer any questions as well.